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We guarantee the highest quality workmanship in the construction industry, established in 20 years of experience

Home Water Recycling

Used water is tested, filtered and recycled for flushing toilets and other grey water uses.

Filtered Water

Incoming water is tested. The test results determine the best filtering process to remove impurities.

Smart TEchnology

Sensor detector detects impurities in the water under acceptable threshold while communicating with device.

Detection System

Water entering a building's plumbing system is tested for impurities before it routes for consumption.

Mission Statement

H2O Recycling Systems’ mission is to implement water conservation systems for commercial, residential and government applications; to manage water waste while protecting the environment in America’s urban areas and around the world. To upgrade current water plumbing codes from 20th century standards to 21st century plumbing standards that will create a better way of managing our water supplies for current usage and future needs. By implementing computer technology into the construction industry. Our main mission is to make an immediate impact on the environment and humanities by improving the current infrastructure of our water usage and take preventive steps of waste and abuse of our water supplies.

the future of Personal Water Treatment Plants is near

H2O Recycling systems, Inc is a C Corporation registered in the State of Delaware.

The company is a research and development company and will be located in El Paso Texas.

We are a water conservation and quality systems firm that will help meet the demand with scalable water capture and recycling systems that can meet any water treatment volume customized to specific parameters of each individual site.

Our mission is to implement recycling systems and water quality detection devices to insure the quality level of water is greater or equal to EPA regulations. Our water systems are designed for commercial and residential applications: To protect the environment and eliminate water shortages in America’s urban areas as well as the world. Our objective is to provide a better way of managing our water supply for current and future usage needs.

Our intentions are to develop patents owned by Marcos Vielma for the benefit of mankind.

Water Quality Detection

As water enters a building the plumbing system is testing for impurities before it routes to consumption. Impurities in the water could include bacteria, viruses, chemicals, toxins, fertilizers, minerals, biological weapons, radioactive materials and radioactive waste.

Sensors are located throughout the device to check for impurities in the water as it travels through the building’s plumbing. Certain sensors decide how to route the water through various treatments within the device. Treatments to the impure water could include multi-level filtration and heating/cooling cycles for a prescribed time period to reduce impurities below an EPA-approved threshold.

If the water still retains impurities after treatment in the device, the device can decide to divert the water out of the building to prevent consumption and illness to building occupants.

imagine your benefits...


Keep your family safe by installing a water system. A system designed to remove harmful contaminants from water coming into your home.


Our system can also protect your garden and plants. Pure water adds luster and flavor for you plants.


There really is no place like home. Especially if the water you drink is free from contaminants.


You can shower and take a bath in pure healthy water! Just imagine using pure water both internally and externally.

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