h2o Recycling Systems

Marcos Vielma
Founder / Inventor

After serving 12 years in the military, Marcos returned home to San Jose, California. Marcos is a self-educated entrepreneur. Marcos attended UMC(Europe) Liberal Arts, San Jose State University, Supply Chain Management.

He paid to retrain himself and studied computer operations and programming. Upon completion of his schooling, Marcos went to work at various startups in Silicon Valley and worked his way up the ladder. He then decided to open up his own company in the construction field and successfully passed the California License exam.

He has worked in his company for over 18 years. It was here where he started to explore the idea of making improvements to create more efficient methods and processes to the building and trade industries. Marcos has always continued to improve himself through education and doing his own research.

It was here, where Marcos realized all the unfairness that still exists today in America, and throughout the world. So, Marcos decided to try and make a difference so no one could be denied an opportunity at the American Dream.

Our goal is to create jobs in America’s Urban areas and provide opportunities for people.

H2O Recycling Systems views water as one of the most valuable assets on the planet. The water we drink has benefited generations before us and has provided and preserved life since the first living organisms consumed water on our planet.

Life has evolved on our planet since the beginning with more people now living on earth than ever before. In 1960 an individual’s average life span on earth averaged 52 years. Today through various technological advancements on earth an individual’s average lifespan is now 72 years. As a result the earth’s population has grown. Today many theories and discussions have been taking place on how to responsibly manage population growth on earth.

Marcos Vielma has thought, studied and experimented in trying to find a solution were everyone can live on the planet in harmony without suffering from a shortage of water, our live asset.

Mr. Vielma has developed a patented system to begin at home to filter incoming water and provide information to people who want to know the types of substances in their water supply. Next he wanted to develop a system in which water could be conserved inside the home to lower water bills for the water user. Then Mr. Vielma wanted to protect the environment outside the home by filtering used water leaving the home to decrease the burden upon overwhelmed water treatment plants. This would include rural locations with no water treatment plants.

The end result is a water management system built to handle increased population growth, environmental protections and more efficient water usage.

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