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Newark residents hold rally, demand cleaner drinking water

NEWARK – Members of the Newark Water Coalition rallied in the Brick City Tuesday to demand cleaner drinking water. The group hoped to raise awareness for what they are calling the city’s lead crisis. They are calling on Mayor Ras Baraka to do more to ensure that the city’s water is free of lead contamination. They say that they also

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Water Issues In California

On April 1, 2015, in response to the dire conditions of the Sierra Nevada snowpack at the end of winter, Governor Jerry Brown of California issued an executive order that directed the State Water Board to impose emergency water restrictions. The aim was to achieve a 25% statewide reduction in potable urban water usage—with water efficiency measures aimed at commercial,

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Clean Water Access Challenges In The United States

Water and sanitation access challenges are often thought of in the extremes—lack of a clean water source in a village or community or lack of indoor plumbing in homes. But the reality is that many individuals living in or around some of the wealthiest jurisdictions in the United States, with some of the most sophisticated drinking water and wastewater systems

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Rural America’s Drinking Water Crisis

  “I’ll be honest with you,” said Gary Michael Hunt. “You never know when you go in there and turn on the faucet if you have water, or if you ain’t going to have no water.” Hunt, a former coal miner who lives in Martin County, Kentucky, said he has had reliability and safety issues with his drinking water for about 25 years—including water permeated by

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The 25 U.S. Cities With The Worst Drinking Water

In 2017, it’s not unusual to have a personal preference for water. Maybe you like a light mineral flavor or a mild earthiness. Or maybe you prefer sparkling. Whatever the case, chances are you don’t want anything that includes chemicals or carcinogens—the types of contaminants included in the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule.” READ MORE >>

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Many Public Schools Don’t Have Safe Drinking Water

Many Public Schools Don’t Have Safe Drinking Water DETROIT — Some 50,000 Detroit public school students will start the school year Tuesday by drinking water from coolers, not fountains, after the discovery of elevated levels of lead or copper — the latest setback in a state already dealing with the consequences of contaminated tap water in Flint and other communities.

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