Your water is analyzed, filtered or diverted through H2O Recycling Systems patented technology.

Water entering your home or building’s water supply is tested for impurities. These impurities are checked before it routes for use. Impurities in water could include bacteria, viruses, chemicals, toxins, fertilizers, minerals, lead, biological weapons, radioactive materials and radioactive waste.

Sensors are located throughout the device to check for impurities in the water as it travels through the house or building’s plumbing. Certain sensors decide how to route the water through various treatments within the device.

The impure water could include multi-level filtration and heating/cooling cycles for a prescribed time period to reduce impurities below an EPA-approved threshold. If the water still retains impurities after treatment in the device, the device can decide to divert the water out of the house or building to prevent consumption and illness.

Smart Display

Contaminants detected in your incoming water supply is displayed through a tablet computer or smartphone. If the condition of your incoming water becomes better or worse you will know.

Grey Water

Water used for washing and bathing is tested for recyclability before it routes for treatment and reuse. The tested water is either reused or disposed through sewer pipes.
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